Affordable, cutting edge
Bare Metal Servers
for your most intensive workloads.


About Heymman Servers

Since 2011, Heymman Servers has been designing and hosting web hosting solutions for small and medium businesses from around the world. Our focus is on providing extremely high performance bare metal servers for discerning customers preferring vertical scaling; whether it is to reduce the complexity of their infrastructure, licensing costs or simply because they need the best possible hardware. We specialize in providing high-specification, multi-socketed systems, with terabytes of memory, at a fraction of the cost big name providers does. We also offer lower end machines for smaller budgets. We pride ourselves to offer efficient, highly personalized support. Our leadership is composed of engineers specialized in IP networks and we are committed to offer you reliable, aggressively priced web hosting solutions.
All servers are deployed with the highest quality, server grade hardware only. No desktop grade components.
All servers include an IPMI management interface, giving you total remote control over your dedicated server.
We are present in three locations : two in Kansas City, Missouri and one in Chicago.
IVY BRIDGE DUAL E5-2670 V2 $89/mo. 20 cores / 40 threads @ 2.50 GHz
128GB DDR3-1333/1600 ECC memory
500GB Samsung 850/860 EVO SSD
HP ProLiant SL230s Gen8
HP H220i Host Bus Adapter (HBA)
100TB @ 1Gbps transfer
WESTMERE QUAD E7-4870 $299/mo. 40 cores / 80 threads @ 2.40 GHz
512GB DDR3-1333 ECC memory
2TB Crucial MX300/MX500 SSD
LSI 9361-8i (1GB) HW RAID
1Gbps unmetered transfer
$0.20/mo IP addresses
CUSTOM SERVER From $24/mo. Up to 64 cores
Up to 1024GB memory
Up to 8x 2TB SSD's
Choice of hardware RAID controllers
Up to 10Gbps unmetered transfer

Network & Infrastructure

Kansas City datacenters

Heymman Servers operates from two datacenters in Kansas City, Missouri : Joe's Datacenter (AS19969) and AccuservHost (formerly Wholesale Internet (AS32097)). Being located in central U.S. provides our customers with low latency throughout all America, China (250-350ms) and Europe. Both facilities purchase transit from Hurricane Electric (HE) and Cogent and also do peering via the Kansas City Internet Exchange. Although being considered as "budget" datacenter facilities, both are staffed 24/7, have diesel backup generators and utilize multiple edge and distribution switches to achieve 99.9% or better uptime. We only use high-end Juniper access switches and all our IP addresses were issued by ARIN to us.

Chicago datacenter

Heymman Servers is also present in Chicago Board of Trade building (141 W. Jackson Boulevard), in a datacenter facility operated by Cogent (AS174), through colocation services provided by FDC Servers, a large organization who manages 13+ datacenter facilities around the world. We leverage FDC's 10+Tbps Internet backbone to deliver servers with tons of bandwidth. Multiple power grids, in their Chicago location, and over 15 years experience allows FDC to achieve 99.995% or better uptime.

Amsterdam datacenter (future plans)

Heymman Servers also plans to be soon present in one of Serverius' ultra premium datacenter facilities, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Serverius, the largest commercial datacenter operator in central Netherlands, operates two privately owned datacenter facilities of the highest possible quality. Their premium, 2N redundant network (AS50673) provides the lowest possible latency across Europe and Serverius has achieved a perfect 100% uptime since 2004. We only deploy professionally integrated and tested high-density Supermicro blade systems and reserve approximately 7% of the nodes and 50% of the switches as hot spares, for the fastest possible replacement in the exceptional event of an hardware failure. Our blade enclosures are fed by 10 Gbps uplinks and our customers can benefit, as a complementary service, of Serverius' high performance DDoS protection system.